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   1. No signal detected

  • Try power cycle by turning the power switch that is located at the back of the box to off position for about 5 sec. before turning it on or by unplugging it for about 5 sec. before plugging it in.
  • Wait for the box to completely reboots. Check the status of the signal by pressing the info key on the remote control unit. A 30% signal reading or low quality indicates a problem with the signal received.

   2. Pixelized video (similar to a pirated DVD)

  • Check the signal status of the box by pressing the "info" key on the remote control.
  • From the banner display, check the quality and signal level as indicated by the Blue and Green bar display.
  • If the reading is 30% or below, report/call the SCNI office for service.

   3. Some channels are missing or not arranged according to the      channel listing.

  • Perform auto search or factory reset.

  4. No access 6 (Box is deactivated).

  • Account issue.
  • Call the SCNI office to verify the staus of your account.

  5. Box is not functioning normally.

  • Try factory resetting.

Example of a normal signal

How to factory reset (Intek Set Top Box):

  1. Using the remote control, press "menu" button.
  2. In the installation menu, scroll down to the "factory reset" and press enter.
  3. Input the password (0 0 0 0) then press enter.
  4. Press ok then wait for the box to reboot.
  5. In the language menu, "English" should be highlighted then press ok.
  6. Wait for the box to search channels and once the search is completed, it will display the default channel which is channel 2.


How to factory reset (Yinhe Set Top Box):

  1. Go to Tools menu.
  2. Select "factory setting," then press enter.
  3. Under factory setting, select "yes" then press enter.
  4. Go to DVB-C installation menu and select "Auto Search."
  5. Select country: Philippines (note:Network-> 5.057 Mhz - QAM64)
  6. Go to search then press enter.
  7. Wait for the box to finish scanning the channels then press yes.
  8. Press exit to get out of the menu.