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Status of the LEDs:


Cable Modem without Wi-Fi:

  • Power - The power LED indicator lights steadily when 12 volts power is present.

          - No light ->defective power supply or modem

  • Cable - The LED indicator should light steadily if DOCSIS signal is present and the modem has access to the network.

         - Blinking LED indicates no DOCSIS signal is received   

           or the modem has no access.

  • PC - Flashing -> there is transfer of data between the PC and the cable modem.
  • Send - Blinking -> the cable modem is sending data to the network.
  • Receive - Blinking -> the cable modem is receiving data from the network.

Cable Modem with Wi-Fi:

  • No LED is lit -> defective power supply or modem.
  • No Wi-Fi signal -> the wireless signal is turned-off as indicated by the LED indicator (no light). Press the on/off button to turn it on.
  • The link LED flashes when there is activity in the network.
  • Flashing DS LED -> the modem is not receiving DOCSIS signal.
  • LEDs flashing in succession -> an indication that the modem is not registered in the network.